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COP: Citizens On Patrol

Help reduce the Crime Rate in Fort Worth
through the Citizens on Patrol Program

As part of the Code Blue Program, Citizens on Patrol was started in 1991 and has trained over 9200 Fort Worth residents. Documented evidence shows that the extra eyes and ears of Citizens on Patrol helped to lower crime by as much as 40%.

Citizens on Patrol training covers topics such as what to look for while patrolling, COP equipment, COP guidelines, and other pertinent topics. If interested in being a part of this crime-deterring team, submit an application to the Community Services Division. For more information call (817) 392-4182 or check the Ft. Worth Police Department website.

FYI: A New Service Offered by the City of Fort Worth Police Department:


Citizens can now file certain crime reports online through the website of the Fort Worth Police Department.Reports can be made online for ONLY the following offenses:

Harassing Phone Calls


Identity theft


Lost property

Just Click Here to use this online reporting service

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