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By Dana Wells, Park Coordinator

1. Our new mix of trees received from the Forestry Division last year have been receiving plenty of rain recently to help promote their health and establishment although they are dormant during the current winter months.

2. The American Flag was replaced in late December.

3. We are in hopes that the city plans to address the footbridge erosion issue this year as they initially indicated last year.

4. As part our park improving funding projects, we have proposed to the city that additional concrete pads and benches be added to the walkways at various site locations throughout the neighborhood. We are still waiting input and pending approval from the city on this request.

5. The city has completed the installation of our new lighted lake fountain. It is working well and has provided such beauty to our park. Some clogging occurs after heavy rains so the city has made some adjustment to the spray output which has helped tremendously. Thank you City of Fort Worth for this wonderful gift!

6. The PACS team is still hard at work during regular maintenance at the park. Mowing, weeding and trimming is still underway although less frequent this time of year. Luckily, the debris in the lake has been less frequent lately but they continue to remove it as needed.

7. Stay attentive to the fact that coyotes remain active day and night so take protective measures to ensure your pets safety by keeping them on a leash and in fenced areas at all times. Recent reporting has indicated that there may be a few pups running around as well.

We like to keep our park beautiful and a safe visiting place so many thanks to those who help in their contributions to keep it that way. If you are interested in helping with our neighborhood park or have other inquiries, please email


Peace and calmness prevail for the ducky world so far this winter. Late October again brought us our visiting migratory ducks and recently some occasional sea gulls. Come out for a visit to see our migratory ducks which consist of widgeons, shovelers, and scaups since they are only with us short term. The winter months bring bigger ducky appetites to help provide them with additional warmth during this time. You will usually find the ducks spending more time in the water this time of year as well for added warmth and protection since predator risk is higher in the colder temperatures. A huge THANK YOU to those who have shown their generosity by providing additional contributions to purchase supplemental food or have directly provided the food to our feathery friends.

Dana Wells, Park Coordinator

Suggestions, Observations?If you observe any needed cleanup or repair in the park or greenbelt area, please notify us immediately. If you have any suggestions for improvement of the park or greenbelt, we would like to hear that too. And if you would like to volunteer for any improvement projects, we would welcome your participation. Contact us at or click on the appropriate icon on this website and leave a message. These messages are immediately forwarded to our Park Cooridinatorr.

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