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to the official website of the
CandleRidge Homeowners Association, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

Please Note --- This is Important

CandleRidge Homeowners Association and
Candle Ridge WEST Homeowners Association are distinct
and separate organizations.
If your street name ends in '...ridge' you are in
Candle Ridge WEST Homeowners Association.
Please direct any inquires relating to
Goodwin and Company Property Management.
Call 214-445-2700 and ask for Patty.
You will save yourself considerable time by contacting them directly
regarding CandleRidge WEST Homeowners Association matters.

Their website is: Candle Ridge WEST HOA

Our CandleRidge Bounderies Map
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CandleRidge December 2022 Newsletter
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CandleRidge June 2022 Newsletter
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CandleRidge January 2022 Newsletter
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 CandleRidge Park - Early History (20-30 years ago)

CandleRidge Park - History (continued)

Please visit the new "Parks" web page
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We have been getting report of street lights being out or the timing of the operation being
wrong. The City of Fort Worth does not have enough employees to watch all of the lights all of the
time, so our many eyes can help them do their job. You can go to the Community Links page on
our website by clicking Click Here, or by using the Community Links on the left side of this page,
and access the City of Fort Worth online reporting system. You can also use this reporting link to
other items related to the Transportation and Public Works Department.

We are now including links to current information from the City for
Fort Worth Neighborhood News on our website.
Please be sure to check out the Community Links
on the left hand side of the web page or
Click Here

Please watch for new information to be posted frequently on the website.
If you have any information that you believe may be worthy of posting, please
contact the CHA Webmaster at the link on the bottom of this page.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Click Here to email the CHA President, Steven Roebuck

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